09 Juli 2009

Building Environmental Awareness

Locating in the midst of rural but transitional society to modern way of life, SMA 3 Annuqayah (Guluk-Guluk, Sumenep, East Java, Indonesia) tries to promote ecofriendly lifestyle by disseminating information and awareness concerning to the hazard of plastic rubbish among schools and communities.

Unmanaged waste and landfills

Annuqayah Islamic Boarding, religious educational institution established on 1887, is now growing up in a rural community in Madura Island. More than six thousand students enroll on various educational activities every day.

Unfortunately, waste and landfill management didn’t become a priority agenda in this boarding. Landfills spread out unpleasent odor among residence of people. Sometimes, people burn the waste, and the smoke was very irritating.

Based on this fact, SMA 3 Annuqayah tries to appeal awareness of the people so that they will take a concrete contribution to manage their waste and give a simple, consistent, and integrative responses to the climate challenge.

Plastic waste reduced

Initiating by some students and teachers, SMA 3 Annuqayah held socialization in several school communities and people association around Sumenep district and also had collected plastic rubbish from landfill near the school as a campaign against plastic rubbish.

The campaign had succeed decreasing plastic rubbish around school and people’s neighbourhood by reuse the rubbish to be creative accessories, like school bag, pencil case, etc. The production of these handicraft was just as a medium to arise people’s awareness about the hazard of plastic rubbish. The school had received good support from school communities and people to reduce increasing volume of plastic rubbish by collecting the rubbish and give it to our team to be reused.

Over the coming times we expect that in Annuqayah:

• Waste and landfill will be well-managed
• Efficient use of plastic so that the increasing waste of it will be reduced
• Institutions at Annuqayah apply ecofriendly policies
• People have good awareness to conduct with nature

Creating bags using plastic waste

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